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Hi Hi Puffy AmyYumi Show (music from the series)
Hi Hi Puffy AmyYumi Show (music from the series) (Puffy AmiYumi)
The Monkees had NOTHING on Puffy Ami Yumi. This this is about as pre-packaged as a tube of Crest, yet somehow, with blinding colors, inane songs, sweet silly cartoons, and - above all - REPETITION (as in, they sing "the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show" more

Graceland (re-issue)
Graceland (re-issue) (Paul Simon)
One of several of Paul Simon's albums to get the re-package treatment, Graceland stands the test of more

1977-1982:  The Complete Jam on Film
The Complete Jam
Combining the mod styles, gritty songs and "too cool to give a shit" attitude of The Who with the pop sensibilities of The Beatles, The Jam became an icon of a sort of 'tween generation. The Complete Jam DVD does the band justice by refusing more

MORE CDs: Just What Time It Is (Jeb Loy Nichols), Supernova (Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio), She's So Unusual (re-issue) (Cyndi Lauper), The Dropper (Medeski Martin and Wood), When I Was Cruel (Elvis Costello), more

MORE DVDs: Family Guy: Volume One, Keane: Strangers, Step Into Liquid, more


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