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Graceland (re-issue)
Graceland (re-issue) (Paul Simon)
One of several of Paul Simon's albums to get the re-package treatment, Graceland stands the test of more

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits (Neil Young)
In his trailblazing 35-year career, Neil Young has had a total of one top-ten hit, 1972's "Heart of Gold." Several years later, in the notes to his 3-LP set Decade, he remarked, "This song put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon more

Concert footage, documentaries, videos
Keane: Strangers
Keane is one of the stand-out bands to come along in the last few years. I've only watched 2 of the live tracks so far on this video, but those tracks alone makes this a worthwhile endeavor. I still have no idea where the bass is coming more

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MORE DVDs: Family Guy: Volume One, Keane: Strangers, Step Into Liquid, more


Figgle is not a typical review site. We're here to tell you about good CDs and DVDs. Think of us as that friend you have that's always turning you on to great albums...even if those albums happen to be 20 years old. We hope you enjoy the site.

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