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Straight From the Heart: Timeless Music From the
Straight From the Heart: Timeless Music From the '60s & '70s (Various Artists )
"Straight From the Heart: Timeless Music from the '60s and '70s," a mellow masterpiece from reissue geniuses Shout!Factory, serves up sixty syrupy, supersensitive slices of heaven and boxes them for your convenience. Many of these tunes were more

From a Basement on the Hill
From a Basement on the Hill (Elliott Smith)
Elliott Smith's latest album "From A Basement On The Hill" does not hint at any startling new directions for his music had he not died under horrific (and still unsolved) circumstances in the fall of 2003. Rather, it pretty much picks up where "XO" more

George Lucas
THX 1138
George Lucas's first feature film didn't get a fair shake when it was released in 1971. Nervous executives and a perplexed marketing department at Warner Bros. didn't know what to make of the film's stark depiction of a future when people are more

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